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What Our Team Loves About Dr. Brei

IT’S SO GREAT TO GET UP each day, go to work, and be part of something great—a practice that truly cares about our patients. We love helping people maintain great oral health. Most importantly, we value the relationships we build with you—and with other team members.

That’s why we’re so grateful for the person who makes it all possible, Dr. Brei.

Why We Love Dr. Brei

As a little surprise to Dr. Brei we wanted to show our appreciation! We asked team members to comment with a favorite memory about Dr. Brei, or something about why they love working with our fearless leader!


“What I loved best of all about Dr. Brei is how he treats his patients: His sense of humor is what makes Dentistry fun. His service to others helps people maintain and improve their oral health, quality of life and appearance. Dr. Brei offers his patients high-end cosmetic dentistry based on advanced techniques and materials – everything from dental veneers and implants to full mouth rehabilitative work. He has years of advanced continuing education courses – and in fact, is currently a fellow of the American Academy of Dentistry International.”


“Dr. Brei Gives patients smiles they are proud of and often say they should of had their smile reconstruction done years ago. Dr. Brei is involved with the scientific advancement of dentistry, we uses only the products and instruments that give our patients the best results that dentistry has to offer.”


“I would like to add that Dr. Brei has taught me to be an educator on the importance of oral health, treat oral health and detect disease – including cancer and cardiovascular.”

Thanks for all you do, Dr. Brei!

To Our Patients…

Do you have something to add? Any special experiences that you’ve had with Dr. Brei? Please add your own comments below!


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